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Manga Drawing School is the ULTIMATE how to draw manga book!

Manga Drawing School includes:

  • 250+ pages filled with invaluable content
  • 50+ step-by-step lessons for all skill levels
  • 700+ tips, tricks, drawing secrets, & annotations
  • 1,000+ gorgeous images large & small

About the book

Learn everything from the basics like eyes, hairstyles, and expressions, to creating complete, original characters with full bodies and outfits, to vibrant scenes with backgrounds!

Also explore how to draw different types of manga characters, including shonen and shoujo. You'll even learn other essential lessons, like how to make your own manga panels, storytelling techniques, and reimagining characters in different art styles.

No matter if you’re an aspiring artist or someone who already has drawing experience, Manga Drawing School will help boost your art skills and creativity to the next level. Learn from manga expert Mei Yu, a bestselling author and worldwide fan-favorite artist with over 450 million+ views!

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Over 50 step-by-step drawing lessons to boost your art skills and creativity.
Over 700 art secrets, tips, tricks, comparisons, and annotations!
Over 1,000 illustrations and images, including characters for inspiration.
Learn how to draw manga characters and different art, cartoon, and comic styles.
Learn how to draw manga from art teacher Mei Yu, with over 30 years of drawing experience!
Learn how to draw manga eyes, hair, faces, bodies, poses, outfits, character designs, scenes, and more!

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Featured Graphic Novel

Lost & Found: Based on a True Story is an inspiring graphic novel memoir to encourage children to overcome challenges in new schools and environments, and be proud of who they are!
For my fans who've been following my art journey, find out how I really started from the very beginning!

Book Industry Reviews

★ "Yu’s fictionalized biographical immigration story highlights perseverance and creative problem solving. The ‘Note to Readers,’ author’s note, and bonus story are fantastic additions... Highly recommended." — School Library Journal STARRED Review

"This bright and bubbly early reader graphic novel, based on debut creator Yu’s own immigration story, validates the sometimes overwhelming nature of learning an unfamiliar language as a child in a new country." — Publishers Weekly

"Charming, funny, and full of heart." — Kirkus Reviews

About the book
New country. New language. New school.

Being the new kid in school is scary enough, but imagine if what it would be like if you were the new kid in a new school, in a new country. That's exactly the situation Mei Yu finds herself in when her family moves from China to Canada. With the help of her faithful sidekick Meiow, Mei learns to navigate her new world, struggling to find her place when everything feels lost.

Based on author Mei Yu's own real-life struggles and triumphs, this charming graphic novel can help inspire readers to learn to be their very best and overcome challenges in their own unique ways.

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Panel image from Lost and Found graphic novel memoir by Mei Yu.
Panel image from Lost and Found graphic novel memoir by Mei Yu.
Lost & Found graphic novel memoir author Mei Yu with her characters Mei and Meiow.

Mei Yu

Icon image of Amazon author and YouTube artist Mei Yu.

Mei Yu is a popular, multi-talented artist on YouTube with over 1.7 million subscribers, 450 million views, and 1,000 videos. She is also a fan-favorite artist on Facebook with over 250K followers.

Mei is the author of over 100 books on her Mei Yu Book Store on Amazon.

Learn more about Mei.

Featured: July 2024

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Watch Mei Yu

1,000+ Art Videos & Animations
Image featuring Mei's channel on YouTube.

Mei's YouTube channel has over 1.7 million subscribers, 450 million views, and 1,000 videos, including her creative reimaginings of pop culture, amazing art challenges, funny and relatable comics and animations, and relaxing coloring videos where fans can color along with Mei in her coloring books in real time.