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Featured Video "Us vs Haters" on Mei Yu's YouTube Channel

What if we changed for our haters? An inspiring comic video book based on my experiences! Hate comments my friends and I have received, and how we handled them.

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Mei Yu started to draw on walls, at age 2 - in diapers!

She grew up in Canada, and now lives and works in Vancouver. Mei is an illustrator, animator, comic artist, and YouTuber. She is the creator of one of the most popular art channels on YouTube, Mei Yu (aka Fun2draw), with over 1.6 million subscribers, 300 million views, and 750 videos.

Upon graduation from college at age 19, Mei started to work in Vancouver animation studios, working on animated TV shows. Mei's stories and artwork have been featured in various local and national newspapers, on TV, and radio.

Since 2011, when she started her YouTube channel, Mei continually informs, entertains, and inspires millions with her art videos and animation shorts.

Mei Yu, working on her 100 Paint art challenge. She used 100 different colors of paint to create this artwork.

Mei Yu on CBC

Screenshot from a TV interview on 
						Our Vancouver, on CBC, featuring some of Mei Yu's art from her Fun2draw channel.
						from CBC's Our Vancouver, where Mei Yu draws with coffee and features her artwork from her Paint with Coffee Fun Friday art 
						challenge video.
Screencap from CBC's Our 
						Vancouver segment, where Mei Yu goes over her Halloween DIY art.


Watch Mei's Animate My Life animations, art challenges, and drawing videos on her YouTube channel!


Mei Yu's Zazzle Store, featuring her original artwork on over 1000 products!


Mei Yu's Instagram, @MeiYuArt, featuring some of her hand-drawn artwork!

Fun Facts About Mei:

Mei auditioned and was chosen to play a Police Sketch Artist on Psych Season 6.

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